Some misunderstandings for bisexuals

9d9d5735565deb5538bdd64cb63983b9If bisexuals is the minority in minority, and experiencing more extreme forms of discrimination, so this is likely to cause such as income and education degree, smoking preferences and other factors, which affect the difference of happiness index.

In order to help eliminate bisexual groups faced misunderstanding, changing people’s bad impression to the bisexuals, the media can actively understand bisexual group facing the reality of the problem and carefully on a bisexual individuals.

In the mainstream media and some media related LGBT, events associated with bisexual population is seldom reported, sometimes even be misinterpreted, causing many bisexuals is misunderstood, isolated and therefore felt very depressed. Many surveys have shown that bisexuals are more likely to have a tendency to drink, self-harm and suicide than lesbians, gays and straight people.

In 2013, a report by pew research center survey shows that in bisexual people surveyed, only 28% of people said they know about their families and close friend’s sexual orientation, and in lesbian and gay, this proportion is as high as 71% and 77%.

According to the Los Angeles times reported, bisexual people say they” avoid coming out because people tend to think they are hesitate, they don’t like heterosexual, lesbian and gay who like a particular gender, but they don’t want to deal with the misunderstanding and suspicion.

Accurate identification of individuals, if someone explicitly claims to be bisexual, do not identify them as lesbian or gay. At the same time, people can’t just other people as bisexual or heterosexuals because a person in a homosexual or opposite-sex relationship.

Couples accurately determined. When it comes to two gay people are in a relationship, people should consider call them same-sex couples. Before you sure the couples are both male or both female, do not think they are male couples or female couples.

Bisexuality is not a stage or a hoax. Don’t assume that bisexuality is a part of the process of being a man or woman. People who identify themselves as bisexual are not confused, hesitant or lying about their sexual orientation. Many surveys consistently show that bisexuality is an independent sexual orientation, not a pilot or transitional phase.

Bisexuality doesn’t mean chaos. The common perception is that bisexuals don’t want or can’t like a particular gender. This is completely wrong. The ratio of bisexuals to a particular gender is the same as heterosexual, lesbian and gay. So it’s not accurate to think that bisexuals are more chaotic, and that’s a harm to them. Since the 1990s, there has been a lot of blame for chaotic bisexuality that has infected the general public with AIDS and other diseases. This is an obvious mistake and a pernicious bias against bisexual people.

Other possible expressions. Some people who can be attracted to any gender like to choose other words to describe their sexual orientation, such as generality, polysexuality, all-sex, flow-loving, queer, etc. Some are more inclined to avoid any labels. Considering the mass of the connotation of bisexual or misunderstanding of the word itself, while others are particularly pointed out that i am bi, had better use other words instead of “bisexual” to call them, and ask the which word is easier to be accepted.

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